Sophisticated Construct Assembly for Antibody Production Powered by Synthace

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A large pharmaceutical company leverages the power of Synthace to automate their sophisticated four-part Type IIS construct assemblies

Bacteria on petri dish

Key findings


Transformation efficiency


Correct constructs


Different antibodies encoded

Our client, the global biologics research and development arm of a large pharmaceutical company, performed a sophisticated four-part Type IIS construct assembly, using our software platform Synthace and Gilson PIPETMAX® liquid handler

The automated protocol was designed and executed in Synthace, and programmed the liquid handler to perform construct assembly, cell transformation, and plating steps

This resulted in over 90% transformation efficiency with 94% correct constructs, enabling the client to encode ten different antibodies for their further bioprocess

Synthace provided full experimental traceability and could be operated without any programming input from the user