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    DOE Masterclass
    for biologists

    Design of Experiments (DOE) evangelists at Synthace host a virtual event series—known as Synthace’s DOE Masterclass. Watch the series to get comfortable investigating the relationship between multiple factors and their impact on the process simultaneously.

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    DOE Masterclass: How DOE transforms your biological research

    About the Design of Experiments (DOE) Masterclass series

    Design of Experiments (DOE) is an incredibly powerful framework. It’s key to understanding the ever-increasing complexity of biological experiments—and has the potential to transform biological research. But engaging with DOE as a biologist can seem highly complex, especially if you don’t have a statistical background.

    We started this masterclass series to strip away the complexity of DOE. Over the course of this masterclass series, we’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to apply this powerful experimental method to the biological systems you work with. 

    Learn why DOE is fundamental to biological research, see real-life examples of its use, and learn what tools do you need to begin using DOE in your own lab.

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    DOE Masterclass: How Design of Experiments transforms your biological research
    Part One

    How DOE transforms your biological research

    Learn about the transformative power of DOE for biology. Topics include:

    • Basic principles of multifactorial experimentation, and why it's vital to biological research

    • Examples of DOE applications for the optimization of biological systems

    • & much more

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    DOE Masterclass: Real world applications to Design of Experiments
    Part Two

    Real-world applications of DOE in biology

    Topics include:

    • Strain Engineering

    • Upstream Processing

    • Downstream Processing

    • Assay Development

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    DOE Masterclass: How to get started with Design of Experiments
    Part Three

    How to get started with DOE: Tools & tips

    Learn how to set you up with the framework and skills needed to get started with DOE in your lab. Topics include:

    • How being explicit with the goals, constants and variables for your experiment is a critical first step in using DOE for your biological research

    • An overview of the process of sequential experimentation using DOE

    • How to tailor your objectives to an experiment design for maximum insight

    • Demystifying key principles of the DOE methodology including replication, randomization, blocking and confirmation

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    DOE Masterclass: Analysis - what really matters
    Part Four

    Analysis: What really matters

    Many scientists find modeling and in this webinar, we debunk those fears with a practical guide and tools on:

    • How to prepare your analysis with tried and tested practices
    • The software options you can use to analyze data, in particular, JMP
    • Applying these practices to the most commonly used example of modeling: Linear Regression
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    DOE Masterclass: Optimizing genetic code with Design of Experiment
    Part Five

    Optimizing genetic code

    See how DOE can be applied to genetic code to optimize a huge number of categoric variables with four potential levels. Dr. Claes Gustafsson from Atum and Dr. Markus Gershater from Synthace walk through:

    • How DOE-like approaches can be applied to such a challenging design space
    • With examples covering the systematic optimization of:
      • Promoters
      • Genes 
      • And Proteins
    • How to apply DOE methodology to genetic code.
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    DOE Masterclass: What if your response is a curve?
    Part Six

    What if your response is a curve?

    See how modeling a response in your DOE using a curve - whether is growth, binding or kinetics can enable powerful analyses of your systems.

    Dr. Phil Kay from JMP, and Dr. Markus Gershater from Synthace walkthrough:


    • How to design and model with functional component analysis in mind if your outcome is a function in your DOE experiment

    • What tools you should consider for this modeling and analysis approach

    • Real-life examples of how this functional component analysis works 

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    DOE Masterclass: Design of Experiments for Purification Process
    Part Seven

    Effective use of DOE for purification process development

    Dr. Lucia Dunajová shows you how to get started on using these tools in combination with DOE to improve your purification process development by going through the following:

    • What are the different considerations for using HTPD tools for purification

    • How to apply DOE using a worked example

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    DOE Masterclass: The Secrets of Transformative DOE Adoption
    Part Eight

    Secrets of transformative DOE adoption

    Adopting Design of Experiments (DOE) is commonly an uphill battle. Explore a an easy-to-follow path to set your organization up for successful usage of DOE in your experimentation. Dr. Lauren Fovargue and Dr. Ross Kent present:


    • The essential guide to a successful rollout in your organization
    • A walkthrough of a well-executed rollout case study
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    DOE Masterclass: Design of Experiments for Media Optimization
    Part Nine

    DOE for media optimization

    Alex Rimmer, stem cell scientist at Uncommon (formerly HigherSteaks) and Dr. Markus Gershater, CSO at Synthace discuss:

    • How DOE works for media optimization across a variety of factor screens;

    • How to view and explore the entire optimization landscape and ditch OFAT experiments;

    • How to simulate and execute complex, high-throughput experiments to reach your optimization goals in fewer runs;

    • How DOE helps you scale your planning and execution capacity, no matter the size of the team;

    • And more...

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    DOE Masterclass: Quality by Design (QbD) for discovery in life science R&D
    Part Ten

    Quality by Design for discovery in life science R&D

    Design of experiments (DOE) should be a cornerstone of your Quality by Design (QbD) strategy.

    Learn everything you should consider when thinking about DoE for QbD:

    • What is QbD and why is it so important?
    • How DOE relates to QbD
    • Pitfalls to avoid
    • Examples
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    DOE How anyone can run powerful DOEs - 2
    Part Eleven

    Anyone can run DOEs

    See how Synthace’s own lab team manages critical jobs like DOE workflow designs, stock concentration calculations, data structuring, and analysis on a digital experiment platform.

    We discuss:

    • how Synthace makes it easy to incorporate DOE into a protocol
    • how Synthace helps plan manual or automated DOEs
    • how Synthace helps manage complex DOEs and the inherent data problem
    • how Synthace streamlines DOE data analysis
    • … and get your questions answered about DOE or Synthace specifically
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