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    About Synthace

    Helping scientists
    help the world

    Synthace helps scientists run more revealing and powerful experiments in less time and at lower cost. Our customers spend more time on the science, making breakthroughs they didn't think were possible before.

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    scientist running Synthace DOE on a Tecan liquid handler

    How we came to be

    It all started with a question, asked in our lab, while pipetting: what if we could represent even the most complex and sophisticated experiments in a digital, standardized way—and do it all in the cloud? Ever since then, we've been busy answering this question, making a huge difference to the work of our customers as they tackle some of today's most difficult problems.


    Our purpose

    Synthace exists to help solve the most pressing problems facing scientists today and, in turn, humanity's future. We're building an experiment platform for scientists, by scientists—one that gives R&D teams the tools they need to spend more time on what matters most: science.

    There are over
    nationalities working here
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    We work from
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    Who we are and what we believe

    We’re on a mission to help our customers unlock the potential of life science R&D. It's a mission that thrives on our convictions.


    What’s it like to work here?

    We’re building something that’s making a real difference to our customers, to science, and to society. It’s one of the most incredible challenges to work on in the life sciences today, and we’re having a great time doing it. That’s why life at Synthace is unlike anywhere else.

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    Join a team making a difference

    Do you want to work for a purpose-driven company where your contribution has the potential to improve the world? At Synthace, you’d be part of an interdisciplinary team building something that helps make the impossible, possible. Join Synthace and go to work on an incredible mission.

    See What You Could Do

    Meet the Synthace leadership team

    Synthace is driven by a multidisciplinary leadership team with varied backgrounds across biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science, all multiplied by deep experience in the tech industry. It’s this unique blend of capabilities that helps differentiate us from the rest.

    Meet our Executive Team

    Our investors

    We’re lucky to receive world-class support from investment partners with deep life science expertize.