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    DOE Masterclass:
    Secrets of Transformative
    DOE Adoption

    Adopting Design of Experiments (DOE) is commonly an uphill battle.

    Often, you or a small group of people are trying to champion this approach to a wider team with little traction and many hurdles.

    The typical hurdles in adopting DOE can be:

    • A lack of alignment on the purpose

    • Not having the right people at the right stages

    • No realistic plan for building up to scale

    These hurdles typically point to how your organization operates and its culture, which can be avoided with a clear vision and careful planning to better receive DOE.

    This DOE Masterclass will lay out an easy-to-follow path to set your organization up for successful usage of DOE in your experimentation. 

    Dr. Lauren Fovargue and Dr. Ross Kent presented,

    • The essential guide to a successful rollout in your organization

    • A walkthrough of a well-executed rollout case study

    • Your questions regarding how to implement a DOE Rollout

    If you have any questions before the webinar or about DOE in general, drop us an email at

    Recorded on Nov 15, 2022

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    The Speakers

    Lauren Fovargue, PhD

    VP of Customer Success

    Lauren Fovargue, PhD

    VP of Customer Success

    Lauren is passionate about making transformational scientific change succeed and endure, and it drove her to start Customer Success at Synthace in 2018. She and her team work closely with our customers, helping each and every scientist we work with get the most out of our platform. Originally joining the company from an engineering perspective, she has a deep understanding of how our platform works and is pivotal to the success that we see emerging in the R&D teams who run their experiments on Synthace.

    Lauren holds a Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Prior to Synthace, she spent 5 years in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Biomedical Engineering research. She lives in coastal Northern Ireland with her fiancé and an unofficial nursery of houseplants.

    Ross Kent, PhD

    Senior Field Application Scientist

    Ross Kent, PhD

    Senior Field Application Scientist

    Ross's research focus for his PhD was on developing regulatory mechanisms for controlling gene expression. Throughout this work he sought to bring modern statistical, data-led reasoning to his research. He is passionate about this objective way of thinking about problems and believes it can greatly advance how the research industry tackles scientific challenges.

    Ross has experience working in both industrial and academic R&D, allowing him to obtain skills in a wide array of technical settings working closely with Synthace customers worldwide.