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    We see firsthand how the life sciences is a uniquely difficult field to work in. Taking things to the next level needs something both to make science easier, but also to make new science possible. It's no small challenge, but it’s our incredible team that’s making it possible every single day.

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    life at Synthace, the digital experiment platform and DOE software for biologists

    What’s it Like to Work Here?

    Life at Synthace is a heady mix of scientific discovery, fascinating problem-solving, curious inquiry, and a positive, uplifting culture.

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      Work the Way That's Best for You

      We trust and support our people to work in the ways that suit them best. This means flexibility about however, whenever, and wherever you need to get stuff done.

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      Join a Truly Interdisciplinary Team

      Stuck in a silo? Not here. If you join Synthace you’ll work in—and with—flexible teams filled with all kinds of specialists from a wide variety of disciplines.

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      Find the Right Balance

      We take health and wellbeing seriously. At Synthace, you’ll find generous pension contributions, solid health cover, volunteering days, and quarterly company-wide days off.

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      Help Improve Scientific Discovery

      See the fruits of your labor in our very own lab and in the work our customers do, with our platform, out in the real world. There's no feeling quite like it.


    Join a Team Making a Difference

    Ever wondered what it would be like to work on something with a real purpose behind it? At Synthace, you’d be part of an interdisciplinary team building something that helps make the impossible, possible. Join Synthace and go to work on an incredible mission.

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    Don't Just Take Our Word For It

    We're recognized and accredited by some of the best in the business.



    “We're all driven to help scientists do better biology to solve complex problems like drug development and agritech science. Inherently, this means a lot of people who join are really selfless individuals who want to do well. We also have a culture where people are naturally curious and want to learn from each other or are happy to share.”

    Anonymous Synthacer | 2022 Great Place to Work Survey

    “The culture is unique from anywhere else I have worked, in that the people employed are extremely intelligent yet willing to help each other out, whether that be work related or personal, share knowledge to level everyone up, and generally be supportive, kind and enthusiastic about the mission.”

    Anonymous Synthacer | 2022 Great Place to Work Survey

    “The combination of science and engineering is pretty much unique and great for lots of reasons: the mix of people and perspectives it creates, the problems we encounter and the impact we can have.”

    Anonymous Synthacer | 2022 Great Place to Work Survey