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    Case Study

    Uncommon + Synthace
    Accelerating media optimization for cultivated meat production

    Uncommon (formerly HigherSteaks) optimized cell growth and differentiation using DOE, saving time and money. The team could move forward faster, with confidence towards better results.

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    Uncommon + Synthace: Reducing R&D Timelines with DOE

    At a glance:

    • 22 factors explored in one experiment
    • 15x cheaper than using commercial media
    • 9 months of research completed in weeks.

    Cost, feasibility, and reproducibility

    To accomplish their ambitious mission, they were looking for a solution that would enable their scientists to explore vast design spaces without the need to write code. 

    Their core challenges included:

    • Astronomical costs associated with commercial media
    • Feasibility of the necessary factor screening
    • Reproducibility of experimental processes for iterative development

    While being a relatively small team, these challenges represented a fundamental obstacle Uncommon needed to overcome in pursuit of its goals.

    DOE for media optimization

    DOE for media optimization on Synthace

    Uncommon ultimately selected Synthace as their core experimental solution as it aligned with their vision of being able to explore large design spaces, create repeatable workflows, and automate the execution of their experiments.


    Increased yield and cost reduction.

    Uncommon was able to optimize cell growth and differentiation by understanding the full range of factors at play with far fewer experimental runs. This saved time and money, and helped the team move with confidence towards better results.

    The Uncommon team obtained a significantly increased cellular yield, and at the same time, greatly reduced their costs “by an order of magnitude.”

    factors explored in one experiment
    15 x
    cheaper than using commercial media
    9 months
    of research completed in weeks
    Uncommon Case Study

    Reducing costs “by an order of magnitude.”

    "In just a few months Synthace saved me from performing 20,000 manual calculations—it’s all done for me."

    Alex Rimmer
    Stem Cell Scientist III, Uncommon

    Remaking Meat

    About Uncommon

    Uncommon is on a mission to reduce traditional meat consumption by having a 5% share of the global pork market by 2030 and from there, to reduce meat consumption further by bringing other cultured meat products to market.

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