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    Run more efficient

    Take advantage of Synthace across your whole organization. Plan experiments, create workflows, gather structured data, and use sophisticated no-code automation in multiple applications.

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    Make Design of Experiments a reality in your lab

    It used to be difficult to make DOE happen. Not anymore. Synthace lets you transform DOE designs into the instructions your lab equipment needs, then closes the loop by automatically aligning experimental data and metadata to your design file. No coding necessary.

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    Make the most of your molecular biology

    Synthace helps simplify and streamline experiment design and automation in molecular biology R&D. Our digital platform enables scientists to plan, simulate and automate processes such as combinatorial DNA assembly to help minimize errors and optimize yields.

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    Advantages for the
    whole team

    Synthace transforms what's possible at every stage and gives you the edge, no matter what you do. Unlock new potential with an experiment platform that's been built with R&D in mind.

    “It removes human error from the picture ... So I would say definitely go for it and give it a shot.”

    Dr Duygu Dikicioglu, Associate Professor, UCL