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    Make Design of Experiments
    a Reality in Your Lab

    Synthace lets you transform DOE designs into the instructions your lab equipment needs, then closes the loop by automatically aligning experimental data and metadata to your design file. No coding necessary.


    How Synthace Helps Enable and
    Improve Your DOE Workflows

    DOE Without Synthace

    Low Throughput, Hard to Automate, Time-Consuming

    • Enormous manual effort and a high risk of error to make DOE happen
    • One-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) methodology usually prevails in favour of DOE, limiting insight and progress
    • No standardized means of expressing, storing or sharing experiments
    • Automation and experiment iteration difficult without time-consuming custom code

    DOE With Synthace

    High Throughput, Automated, Dynamic, Structured Data

    • Transform DOE files into calibrated automation instructions
    • Run high throughput multifactorial experiments on automation equipment
    • Generate detailed, reproducible, shareable digital records for each workflow
    • Automatically aggregate and structure data from your analytical devices

    Advantages for the Whole Team

    Synthace transforms what's possible at every stage and gives you the edge, no matter what you do. Unlock new potential with an experiment platform that's been built with R&D in mind.

    Where Will You Use Synthace For DOE?

    One-factor-at-a-time won’t cut it anymore. Take advantage of the power of Design of Experiments in your specific area of interest.

    • DOE-3@2x_NEW-1

      DOE for Assay Development

      Run complex assay development workflows and structure your data automatically. Give yourself confidence in knowing the complexities of the assay you’ve just optimized: ideal for method transfer into screening.

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    • DOE-1@2x_NEW

      DOE for Media Optimization

      Optimize cell growth and differentiation by understanding the full range of factors at play with far fewer experimental runs. Save time and money, and move with confidence towards better results.

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    • DOE-2@2x_NEW

      DOE for Miniaturized Purification

      Optimize your miniaturized purification process development by enabling automated analytic workflows, then letting Synthace handle the DOE design files and data structuring at the end of each run.

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    Webinar Series

    Design of Experiments Masterclass for Biology

    Strip away the complexity of DOE and get the frameworks you need to use this powerful methodology. Dive in today, and watch at your own pace.

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