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    Get a better handle on your upstream data and downstream miniaturized purification workflows in the Synthace experiment platform.

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    Bioprocess Data

    Improve your bioprocess development
    cycle with Synthace

    Bioprocess Development Without Synthace

    Slow time to insight, fractured data, error-prone

    • Fractured data across multiple machines, difficult to wrangle and bring together
    • Lower integrity data output due to excessive, awkward data wrangling
    • Slower developmental iterations because of increased manual interventions
    • Increased costs due to incomplete datasets and errors

    Bioprocess Development With Synthace

    Faster time to insight, structured data in one place, reduced error

    • Unify your data from multiple sources, and store it in the cloud in structured datasets
    • Automatic data aggregation and structuring brings higher integrity date
    • Discover time and cost savings because of greater automation capabilities, less error
    • Lower costs due to reduced error and more complete datasets

    Advantages for the whole team

    Synthace transforms what's possible at every stage and gives you the edge, no matter what you do. Unlock new potential with an experiment platform that's been built with R&D in mind.

    How will you use Synthace?

    Synthace can be used in both upstream and downstream applications to help with bioprocess data and miniaturized purification.

    • Bioprocess-Data@2x_NEW

      Bioprocess Data Management

      Make high quality data a reality—every sample tracked through every step, with all of your data and metadata structured securely in the cloud.

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    • Bioprocess-Robo@2x_NEW

      Miniaturized Purification

      Easily update purification protocols, link your data back to bioprocessing samples, view pseudo-chromatograms, and do cherry picking in a single platform.

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