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    Designed for and by biologists

    Synthace: A digital
    experiment platform.

    Abstract the experiment design and planning process, control lab equipment, and aggregate your data - all in one platform.

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    laptop showing experiment mapped out on Synthace

    Design experiments in your browser

    Drag and drop elements to design experiment workflows in a stable, no-code environment. Connect, configure and adapt your workflow designs until you’re ready to take them into the lab.


    Run those experiments in your lab

    Schedule your experiment to run on your equipment from your computer. Your experiment is automatically translated into the steps you or your equipment need to make it happen, no scripting necessary.


    Gather and structure experiment data

    Automatically gather and structure your experiment designs, experimental data, and metadata, all in one platform. Visualize and analyze results in the context of the experiment as you designed it and as it really ran.

    Annotated & Grouped Workflow

    Reproduce and enrich your experiments

    Re-use existing scientific context to create new experiments and see the relationships between workflows, simulations, executions, data, and metadata, no matter who’s involved or where they are.

    Core platform features


    Introducing Synthace DOE

    Synthace DOE is an adaptive Design of Experiments solution that makes sophisticated, multifactor experiments available to anyone–all defined, executed, and analyzed in one place.

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    “What Synthace allows us to do is work flexibly. So being able to change things on the fly, being able to decrease the development time.”

    Emilie Fritsch, Principal Scientist II - Automation, Syngenta