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    DOE for assay

    Take your assay development capabilities to a new level with Design of Experiments. Ready to integrate into your lab with no-code automation.

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    DOE - response analysis
    Assay quality

    Reduce noise and boost signal

    Use Synthace DOE to find the best version of the assay you’re working on. Explore complex multifactorial relationships to make progress where you couldn't before.

    Whether you’re trying to reduce deviation, use cheaper consumables, or improve your signal quality, Synthace DOE transforms what you can do in the lab.

    Easy automation

    Generate automation instructions, automatically

    Synthace translates DOE designs into the accurate automation instructions needed for assay optimization.

    If you’ve got a design in mind, you’re able to fully automate your workflow through the Synthace platform.

    Automatic calculations

    Calculate source concentrations for variable liquid factors

    DOE for assay development involves looking at many liquid factors, and the interactions between them, across many changing concentrations.

    This type of multifactorial complexity can be incredibly hard to work with, but not with Synthace–it’s all calculated for you automatically.

    Design of Experiments for Assay Development
    Data analysis

    Generate and structure your data in context

    Keeping track of what went where and why is almost impossible if you’re doing things manually.

    Synthace previews and records every liquid handling step and all the data from your analytical equipment, marrying your metadata to the data that each run produces.

    “Using Synthace DOE has changed the way we do experiments, but more interestingly the way we think and communicate.”

    Helena Peilot Sjogren | Associate Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca