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    Automation Masterclass:

    Running powerful,
    automated DOEs.

    December 6 at 4 pm BST / 11 am ET

    DOE is a powerful method for exploring and optimizing complex biological systems. Combining DOE with automation offers another step-change in the learnings we can get from our experiments.

    In this webinar, we will cover:

    - key lessons from our decade of experience running DOEs
    - case studies of the power of automated DOE
    - the best equipment for running diverse DOEs

    Watch on-demand:

    ON DEMAND | Best use cases for automation in the biosciences
    ON DEMAND | Physical practicalities for automating experiments
    ON DEMAND | Unlocking Automation: From Setup to Success
    ON DEMAND | Biological barriers to lab automation (noon US time)
    December 6 | Running powerful automated DOEs

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    On-demand sessions

    Session 1: Best use cases of automation in the biosciences

    In this Lab Automation Masterclass: Best use cases of automation in the biosciences, we explore the potential for automation in the biosciences, and the barriers that need to be overcome to achieve the vision of massively automated, powerful experiments becoming the norm.


    Session 2: Physical practicalities of automating experiments

    In this Lab Automation Masterclass, Nathan Hardingham, Associate Scientist at Synthace dives into the physical practicalities of automating experiments. Explore essential strategies and cutting-edge hardware solutions for precise and reliable pipetting performance.


    Session 3: Unlocking automation: from setup to success

    In this Lab Automation Masterclass, Ann Wang and Luke Cach discuss the common challenges of implementing automation and how to overcome them. They talk about how to move from intermittent to integral use of automation, how to challenge the "faster by hand" mentality, and how to conquer the learning curve. And finally, they explore what to do with all the data you'll generate once you've implemented automation successfully.


    Session 4: Biological barriers to lab automation

    In this Lab Automation Masterclass, Steven Brown discusses the intricacies of handling diverse sample types and navigating live-cell studies with precision.