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    DOE Masterclass:
    the best tools
    for powerful DOEs

    So: you’ve decided to run your first DOE? Great! …now what?

    When it comes to DOE, it’s no surprise that it’s a more complicated problem altogether. In fact, it can be pretty overwhelming to know where to start. There’s a hell of a lot of factors to consider: this is DOE, after all!

    We cut through the noise and show you the tools that you can use to execute DOEs to get the maximum insight and context from your biological systems. 

    Dr. Markus Gershater presented,

    • An overview of the tools available to use for DOE

    • A step-by-step walkthrough of how to choose which ones to use

    If you have any questions about DOE in general, drop us an email at

    Recorded on Dec 13, 2022

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    The Speaker

    Markus Gershater, PhD

    Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer


    Markus Gershater, PhD

    Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer


    Markus is a co-founder of Synthace and one of the UK’s leading visionaries for how we, as a society, can do better biology. Originally establishing Synthace as a synthetic biology company, he was struck with the conviction that so much potential progress is held back by tedious, one-dimensional, error-prone, manual work. Instead, what if we could lift the whole experimental cycle into the cloud and make software and machines carry more of the load? He’s been answering this question ever since.

    Markus holds a PhD in Plant Biochemistry from Durham University. He was previously a research associate in synthetic biology at University College London and a Biotransformation Scientist at Novacta Biosystems.