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    Synthace for Miniaturized Purification

    Reduce time to insight with better data integrity through cloud-connected miniaturized purification workflows.


    Create Drag and Drop Miniaturized Purification Workflows

    Build once, edit frequently, run as often as you like. Use Synthace’s drag and drop tools to create automated workflows for miniaturized purification. Lower barriers to high throughput purification and make it easier to update protocols as and when you need to without code.


    Automate with Mission Critical Equipment

    The Synthace platform is compatible with popular miniaturized purification systems like the Tecan Te-Chrom™ and Repligen’s OPUS® RoboColumns®. Build your protocol in the Synthace platform and watch it come to life on your equipment.


    Structured Data and Metadata in One Place

    Run your miniaturized purification workflow and Synthace will automatically aggregate and structure your metadata and plate reader data. Cherry-pick the wells you want to progress for further analysis, then tie these results back to the initial execution data, precise column metadata, and your experiment design.


    Powerful, Immediate Analysis with Contextual Data

    Take advantage of Synthace’s automated data structuring to move at pace towards powerful analysis. Because Synthace includes visualization tools, you can use your structured data and metadata to review platform-generated pseudo-chromatograms.