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    Bioprocessing > Miniaturized Purification


    Establish purification methods faster and more reliably with Synthace. We simplify the design and automation of plate-based resin & buffer screening and RoboColumns® experiments–so you get higher-quality data and insights in a fraction of the time.

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    Build Experiments

    Design and test workflows from your desk

    Easily design filter plate and column workflows and know they will run correctly before you even set foot inside the lab. Drag-and-drop building blocks let you describe the steps of your purification experiment and see an in-silico simulation of it to check for any issues.

    Simulate Runs

    Generate accurate automation instructions every time

    Generate highly accurate automation instructions for your RoboColumns® experiment on Tecan devices which adapt to any changes in your design - automatically. Build your protocol in the Synthace platform and watch it come to life on your equipment.

    Structure Data

    No more data wrangling in spreadsheets

    Run your miniaturized purification workflow and Synthace will automatically aggregate and structure your metadata and plate reader data. Cherry-pick the wells you want to progress for further analysis, then tie these results back to the initial execution data, precise column metadata, and your experiment design.

    Analyze results

    Near-instant visualization of experiment results

    Rapidly see the results from multiple RoboColumns® experiments to quickly and easily identify results of interest, without data wrangling. Integrated data visualization tools mean custom data views and results analysis is as simple as checking boxes on the platform.

    Best Devices for

    Miniaturized purification

    We integrate with a variety of lab setups, but these are the ones we recommend for miniaturized purification experiments.