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    High Throughput Purification

    Radically faster purification
    process development.

    Get more reliable insights from automated, high throughput purification experiments 7x faster with Synthace—by simplifying protocols on the Tecan Fluent and Evo.

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    RoboColumns used for high throughput purification sit in a Tecan liquid handler, automated by Synthace
    A screenshot of Synthace's workflow builder shows the workflow settings for a Tecan EVO with deck options customized for RoboColumns and elements for individual chromatography stages

    Smarter and faster than spreadsheets.

    Free up time and headspace by describing your experiment with our drag-and-drop workflow, and simulating it to check it will run as planned. Synthace keeps track of the planning and calculations for you.

    A close up of a Tecan liquid handler, focused on the Tecan logo

    Experiment execution, your way.

    Skip the months of device-programming training and pains of rigid scripting. Run your ideal plate- and column-based chromatography experiments with click-to-run automation.

    A screenshot of Synthace's digital experiment platform showing the liquids being dispensed and the unique mixture in each well plate

    Instant, zero-code automation instructions.

    Generate automation instructions for your chromatography experiments on the Tecan Fluent and Evo based on your experiment description. No more programming bottlenecks. Click “Run,” and watch your experiment come to life. 

    A screenshot of chromatography results in Synthace with certain metadata selected and exported to a spreadsheet

    Easy, consistent method transfer.

    Only create your method once. Then, increase throughput and validate your findings with confidence. Run the same method on any instrument, in any location.

    A graph shows 60% time savings across workflow generation, execution, and data processing comparing Synthace and Tecan Evoware
    Proven time savings

    CSL spent 60% less time on end-to-end micro-scale purification workflows.

    "Synthace is a game-changer for useability. It allows the creation of complex workflows that I normally wouldn't have explored.” 

    CSL Purification Team
    Parkville, Australia

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    Best Devices for

    Purification process development

    We integrate with a variety of lab setups, but these are the ones we recommend for miniaturized purification experiments.