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Introducing Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud, a software platform that seamlessly automates experimentation and insight sharing

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Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud

A platform that seamlessly automates experimentation and insight sharing so scientists can focus on asking the most impactful questions.

Overcome the innovation challenges and unlock the full potential of life sciences. Transform the quality of your experiments and deliver the highest quality data for decision-making through automation of the complete experimental process, from design to insight sharing.

Improve your business outcomes with Synthace

Enhance your R&D capabilities to develop best-in-class and first-in-class products

Reduce wasted R&D resources by ensuring data reproducibility and interoperability

Grow your repository of high quality R&D data sets that can be mined with advanced machine learning and AI

Faster and more dependable R&D cycles, accelerating the progression of successful product candidates

Reduced operational toil with more robust R&D results that lead to more creativity and job satisfaction

No-code automation

Barriers to lab digitalization can be lowered by software that empowers life scientists to easily create and share automated workflows, without requiring programming or automation expertise.

Our Core Elements are a flexible and intuitive toolkit for building automation protocols on the Synthace platform. They provide the basic building blocks for physical control of liquid handling actions, such as aliquoting, diluting, and mixing.

Utility elements are also included to give you full control of the order of actions in your experiments and allow you to add logic into your automation workflows based on metadata.

Design of Experiments

Life scientists are turning away from the reductionist, one-factor-at-at-time (OFAT) approach. The most productive teams enrich their R&D with Design of Experiments (DOE) and Quality by Design (QbD) approaches that aim to test and observe the effects of multiple factors and their interactions simultaneously.

Our platform's DOE capabilities are designed to help you seamlessly expand your experimental design spaces, maximize statistical power, and achieve previously unimagined breadth and depth of experimental data.

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