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    Smarter Discoveries
    Start With Better Experiments.

    Synthace lets you design powerful experiments, run them in your lab, then gather automatically structured datasets. No code necessary.

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    Run Experiments You Thought Were Impossible

    Synthace translates revealing experiment designs into optimized machine instructions ready to run in your lab. Unleash your equipment to work full pelt on the hardest problems you need to solve today, tomorrow, and every other day after that.


    Slash Time to Insight With Rapid Iteration

    Run V1 in the morning… then V2 after lunch. With dynamic liquid handler and dispenser programming you can update your experiment designs as often as you like without writing code: run your experiments this way, then that way, then back again. Act on your decisions faster than ever before.


    Unlock Automation for Everyone

    Design sophisticated protocols with drag-and-drop tools, then use Synthace’s lab equipment integrations to translate your work across liquid handlers, dispensers, analytical devices, and bioprocess equipment. Easier to get started, easier to take things to the next level.

    Rich Data@2x

    Enjoy Context-Rich Experiment Data

    Automatically gather and structure your experiment designs, experimental data, and metadata, all in one platform. Visualize and analyze results in the context of the experiment as you designed it and as it really ran.

    “Using Synthace and DOE has changed the way we do experiments, but more interestingly the way we think and communicate.”

    Helena Peilot Sjögren | Associate Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca

    “Synthace platform reduces barriers for researchers to use lab equipment and generate more quality data in a short time. This allows for more complex experimentation with dramatically reduced possibility for human error.”

    Duygu Dikicioglu | Associate Professor, UCL

    “We can develop protocols much faster with Synthace. We’ve reduced timeframes from a couple of weeks to usually less than a week for more complex processes.”

    Emilie Fritsch | Automation & Digital Scientist, Syngenta

    “Synthace allows us to make it routine for us to walk away from creating 24-48 constructs so our scientists can focus on other tasks”

    Karen Bunting | Director of Protein Sciences, Ipsen

    “Synthace allows us to think outside the box, and do things we couldn't do before.”

    André Raposo | Group Lead - Computer-Aided Biology (CAB) group at Oxford Biomedica

    “Synthace is an easy, visual and unique way to design workflows and analyze data. Combined with attentive customer service, it helps me realize the experiments I want to accomplish.”

    Nina Bonte | Research Associate, Upstream Bioprocessing

    Synthace at a Glance

    90 %
    Cost Reduction
    5 X
    Less Process Variability
    80 %
    Time Savings
    10 X
    Throughput Increase

    Four More Ways Synthace Makes Your Experiments More Likely to Succeed

    We've added new features to the Synthace platform that address experimental challenges directly. We think you're going to like them.

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