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    DOE for media

    Run DOE workflows for media optimization and keep track of complex liquid combinations throughout the entire process.

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    four Synthace
    Easy Automation

    Generate automation instructions from your design, automatically

    Whether built or imported, Synthace translates your DOE designs into highly accurate liquid handling steps for you.

    There’s no need for complex manual coding—you can build and upload designs in Synthace to automate your workflow.

    Synthace simulating a DOE. Wells are color coded to show different mixtures in each one. A pop up is showing the metadata for well at H12.
    Liquid Tracking

    Define, tag, and trace all your liquids

    Tracking liquids can be time-consuming and difficult, even at the best of times.

    Synthace lets you define them and tag components and subcomponents with rich metadata.

    Even during the most complex DOE workflow, you’ll know exactly what’s in each well and where it came from.

    Experiment Preview

    Check final well concentrations in advance

    Even with trial runs, it can be difficult to know if your manual or automated protocols will result in the final well concentrations you’re looking for in your DOE run.

    Synthace lets you preview all of this in your browser before setting foot in the lab, so you can be confident before you even get started.

    DOE for Media Optimisation
    Simplified Planning

    Generate automatic stock allocations

    Uncertain what you’ll be putting on your liquid handler deck, or have a constrained stock concentration?

    Synthace DOE calculates this for you based on your DOE design, meaning you can preview everything in advance to make planning easier.

    “In just a few months Synthace DOE saved me from performing 20,000 manual calculations—it’s all done for me.”

    Alex Rimmer | Stem Cell Scientist III, Uncommon