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    Our Partners

    Our partnership, your success: our partners are integral to the success and results our customers are able to achieve. See how we work with them, and what this has meant for our customers.


    Who We Partner With


    Tecan + Repligen RoboColumns®

    Tecan and the Synthace experiment platform: a best-in-class collaboration enabling flexible, traceable, and cloud-connected miniaturized purification workflows.


    Hamilton Microlab® STAR

    Make ELISA automation a reality—from assay design to data visualization—with Hamilton’s Microlab® STAR and the Synthace experiment platform.


    SPTLabtech dragonfly® discovery

    Next generation assay optimization becomes a reality with automated Design of Experiments (DOE) running on the Synthace experiment platform and the dragonfly® discovery.



    Small, versatile, precise… and running via the Synthace experiment platform. Learn how a generalizable, automated process for multifactorial media optimization works on the MANTIS® with Synthace.


    ValitaCell Valita® TITER

    Find out how the Synthace experiment platform works with Valita® TITER to make automated high-throughput IgG quantification a reality.