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    driving better science, together.

    Our partnership, your success: our partners are integral to the success and results our customers are able to achieve. See how we work with them, and what this has meant for our customers.

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    Synthace automating a Tecan liquid handler running Repligen RoboColumns

    Our partners

    Tecan Liquid Handling Robot running Synthace DOE

    Tecan + Synthace

    Accelerate experimentation with click-to-run lab automation for Tecan devices and peripherals and unlock faster, more efficient miniaturized purification workflows.

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    Hamilton Microlab STAR automated by Synthace

    Hamilton Microlab® STAR

    Make ELISA automation a reality—from assay design to data visualization—with Hamilton’s Microlab® STAR and the Synthace experiment platform.

    SPTLabtech dragonfly discovery liquid handler automated by Synthace

    SPTLabtech dragonfly® discovery

    Next generation assay optimization becomes a reality with automated Design of Experiments (DOE) running on the Synthace experiment platform and the dragonfly® discovery.

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    Formulatrix Mantis running via the Synthace experiment platform


    FORMULATRIX® supplies innovative software and robotic automation solutions to the life science industry including the leading pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions around the world.

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    Gilson Pipettmax running via the Synthace digital experiment platform

    Gilson PIPETMAX®

    Synthace integrates with the Gilson PIPETMAX®, the benchtop automated pipetting solution for the efficient processing of high-throughput biological assays. Further improve on the accuracy, reproducibility, and consistency among all samples processed. 

    VilitaCell Valita TITER running high-throughput IgG quantification with Synthace

    ValitaCell Valita® TITER

    Use the Synthace experiment platform with Valita® TITER to make automated high-throughput IgG quantification a reality.