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    Assay automation
    for R&D teams

    Successful assay automation relies on consistent reproducibility and high integrity data and metadata. Synthace makes it possible.

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    assay development automation with Synthace

    Improve and automate your assay workflows

    Assays without Synthace

    Difficult to automate, integrate, and maintain accuracy

    • Data is fractured across multiple devices, and difficult to bring together
    • Complicated to make changes to automation workflows without manual code intervention
    • Assays are hard to automate due to multiple different brands of lab equipment
    • Greater chance of human error impacting data integrity

    Assays With Synthace

    Cohesive, reliable, reproducible, easier to automate

    • Data is automatically generated, structured, and stored in the cloud
    • Changes to assay designs are simple to make with drag and drop tools
    • Assays far easier to automate with multiple equipment compatibility
    • Lower chance of human error thanks to traceability, as well as data and metadata management

    Advantages for the whole team

    Synthace transforms what's possible at every stage and gives you the edge, no matter what you do. Unlock new potential with an experiment platform that's been built with R&D in mind.

    How will you use Synthace?

    • Assay-2@2x_NEW

      ELISA assays

      Bring different hardware brands under the same umbrella for straightforward no-code automation, unified data structuring, and visualization tools.

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    • Assay-1@2x_NEW

      qPCR assays

      Make automated, reliable, and accurate pipetting a reality. Take advantage of dynamic liquid handler programming for flexible protocol updates.

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