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    Synthace DOE for Miniaturized Purification

    Run complex multifactorial miniaturized purification experiments in your lab. Ready to seamlessly integrate into your lab thanks to our no-code automation interface.


    Integrate With Mission Critical Equipment

    Synthace is compatible with the Tecan Te-Chrom system. Import DOE design files and build flexible, drag-and-drop automation protocols for the Tecan Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform and Fluent® Automation Workstation as part of your miniaturized purification workflows.


    Connect Plate Reader Information to Experiment Designs

    Synthace gathers and automatically structures the data and metadata from all of the equipment you use. This is especially useful for analysing complex DOE experiments because it automatically connects your plate reader data back to your original designs, letting you build insight with confidence.

    “Using Synthace and DOE has changed the way we do experiments, but more interestingly the way we think and communicate.”

    Helena Peilot Sjogren | Associate Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca


    Built-In Data Processing and Visualization

    As soon as your automated run is complete, you’re ready to dig into the data. The Synthace platform has built-in data processing and visualization functions that allow you to view pseudo-chromatograms and do cherry picking based on the data you’ve just produced.


    Import DOE Designs, Generate Automation Instructions

    Synthace accepts and translates imported DOE design files into the complex liquid handling steps you. There’s no need to do any complex manual coding—if you’ve got a design file, you’re able to automate your workflow through the Synthace platform.