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    Automated qPCR
    with Synthace

    Run accurate, automated, flexible, liquid handling qPCR protocols—then gather all your data in one place—all without writing any code.

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    Easier to enable accurate pipetting

    Synthace makes it easier for your entire team to use liquid handler automations, a prerequisite for accurate pipetting into 96 and 384 well plates. With drag and drop protocol design and a no-code interface, Synthace can get your foot on the automation ladder or take your automation to the next level.

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    Flexible protocol changes whenever you need them

    Synthace uses dynamic liquid handler programming, which means that any changes to the protocol you’re running—such as different sets of primers or samples—is updated automatically. There’s no need to redesign everything, Synthace dynamically handles all of these changes for you.


    Match your designs with your data

    Synthace keeps track of all liquid movements throughout your experiment, compiling all of your data and metadata in one place. With context-rich protocol design and management, you’ll easily be able to connect your data with the metadata for everything that happened at every stage of your run.

    Best devices for

    qPCR automation

    We integrate with a variety of lab setups, but these are the ones we think work best for qPCR automation.