qPCR with Cambridge Consultants

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Synthace offers a great platform that adds value to our customers, we can save time, increase the hands-off time of a biological protocol and make it more repeatable; that’s really beneficial to clients who are paying us by the hour Matthew Jones, PhD Senior Synthetic Biologist at Cambridge Consultants


Reduction in hands-on time

User time reduced from 2 h 15 min to 25 min per plate


Increase in throughput

Time to data output improved from 3 h to 2 h

Cambridge Consultants chose Synthace for the true end-to-end connectivity of devices and data to run protocols effectively, particularly complex multi-factorial experiments with many varying conditions.

Comparison of operator hands-on time and time to data output for manual and automated processes. The hands-on time for the operator was reduced by 81% from 2 h 15 min to 25 min per plate. Time to data output was also improved from 3 h to 2 h, a 50% increase in throughput.

Synthace Workflow Builder. Synthace provides a sand box environment, the Workflow Builder, for rapid liquid handling workflow development utilizing the Standard Element Set. Here is an example Synthace qPCR workflow developed to address Cambridge Consultants’ specific assay requirements, incorporating sample re-suspension, splitting of positive and negative control samples for storage and future re-use, serial dilution of qPCR standards, aliquoting of qPCR master mix and final qPCR reaction setup.

Synthace Sample Tracking. Samples can be tracked from provenance to end point reaction via the Plate Prep, Deck Layout or Execution Graph views. An example of the liquid handler deck layout for a qPCR run is demonstrated here.