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Construct Assembly with Microsoft Research

Closed loop design, build, test, learn engineering principles for synthetic genetic networks.

Synthace really comes into its own when we are performing experiments with complex layouts like combinatorial construct assembly and design of experiments. When we are building 12 constructs at a time, the Synthace platform automates all the planning that would go into setting up such an experiment and allows it to become routine.” Microsoft User
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Space-Fill Design of Experiments (DOE) with Synthace and the dragonfly® discovery

Combining Synthace with SPT Labtech’s dragonfly® discovery enabled us to perform a 3,456 run space-fill DOE to optimize an enzyme assay in 2 hours.

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SPT Labtech dragonfly discovery dispensing

Bioprocess Informatics with Oxford Biomedica

Oxford Biomedica chose Synthace because it provides rapid and flexible design and in silico simulation of laboratory automation protocols.

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Multifactorial Optimization of a Molecular Biology Process with LabGenius

Combining active learning with Synthace's multifactorial optimization for a single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) extension reaction.

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Construct Assembly for the Development of New Therapeutics with Ipsen

Ipsen leveraged Synthace’s platform to accelerate the discovery of TSI® biopharmaceuticals, using Type IIS construct assemblies.

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qPCR with Cambridge Consultants

Rapid iteration, optimization and scalability of a high quality qPCR workflow.

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Design of Experiments (DOE) with Oxford Biomedica

Oxford Biomedica used the Synthace platform to perform a multifactorial optimization of their lentiviral vector transfection / transduction system.

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qPCR for Gene Therapies with the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult used Synthace to scale up qPCR assays, saving up to 5 hr of operator hands-on time and maintaining data integrity.

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Automated Cellular Cytotoxicity Assays with Autolus

Synthace empowered Autolus to automate the setup of complex cytotoxicity assays easily, rapidly & with the flexibility needed for therapy development.

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Sophisticated Construct Assembly for Antibody Production Powered by Synthace

Our client, the global biologics research and development arm of a large pharmaceutical company, leverages the power of Synthace.

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