Further Resources

A Biologist’s Guide to Design of Experiments

Design of Experiments (DOE) is the future. It is the key to unlocking the answers hidden in complex biological systems and broadens the possibilities of what science we can do. This guidebook demystifies Design of Experiments methodology, outlines its fundamentals and gives step by step instructions how to run DOE. Start your journey today and speed your R&D programs to quicker insight and faster drug development through application of DOE.

R&D Digitalization eBook

The cost associated with drug development is increasingly placing a burden on pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Now the life sciences industry is transforming and the transformation is accelerated by the adoption of digital technologies. Here we share a five-step guide to help you and your team to determine the best possible digital environment to accelerate your R&D.

Tech for Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) space bears the incredible biological promise together with several important challenges. In response, a group of companies are developing software, data science, and hardware solutions that seek to address the challenges associated with CGT discovery, manufacturing, and supply. The end goal is to make ‘better’ therapies available to a wider patient population at a lower price. Based on our in-house research, we have compiled a ‘living’ list of emerging frontier technology and life sciences companies developing tools for the CGT space.


What is Computer-Aided Biology (CAB) and why is the “Digital to Physical” transition so important? How is the emerging CAB ecosystem evolving and how many companies are striving towards the same goal of an integrated suite of tools? What is the data journey? Why is metadata important to artificial intelligence (AI) within the biological sciences and why is it so challenging for a researcher to define what metadata to collect? Find all of this and more by exploring our whitepapers.


Find more information about Synthace applications and customer/partner use cases in our conference posters, featuring FORMULATRIX®, SPT Labtech, Oxford Biomedica, and UCL.