Use Synthace to Drive Your Tecan Fluent® to Transform RoboColumn® Workflows

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Recorded on Jun 17, 2021 

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Enabling global scientific collaboration: Synthace and the Tecan Fluent®

We are pleased to announce that Synthace
now supports the Tecan Fluent® liquid handler.

In this Product Launch demo, our Head of Scientific Solutions, Luke Cach, shows how you can realize the full potential of your miniaturized purification experiments with the Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud* and the Tecan Fluent®.

Recognized by Forbes, the demo showcases how we send instructions from the Synthace platform, generated in Boston, USA, to the Tecan Fluent® in our lab in London, UK, and the execution of the cherry-pick action in real-time.

*N.B.: Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud was called Antha until Aug 2021

  • Plan and verify your purification experiments from anywhere, which includes support for variable flow rates per channel
  • Benefit from automatic buffer preparation, e.g. for gradient elution runs or Design of Experiments (DOE) studies
  • Execute instructions in the lab from within the Synthace platform, without the need for low-level instrument knowledge
  • Seamlessly cherry-pick samples of interest for downstream analytics 
  • Align and visualize data from multiple analytics: plate readers, LabChip®, HPLC, ELISA, and more

Watch this demo to learn how to optimize downstream bioprocessing in ways not possible before!

Developed in partnership with Tecan. Compatible with Repligen's OPUS® RoboColumns®

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