The Automated Lab and a Fully Integrated Digital Strategy

BPI Europe Virtual 2020 Conference

Synthace’s Biologics Director Adam Paton and Principal Bioprocess Engineer James Rutley, EngD, discuss the importance of lab and data automation in an upstream bioprocessing case study.

In the study, Synthace's capabilities in data aggregation, visualization, and on-demand analysis were leveraged by Oxford Biomedica, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, and WattBE Innovations to produce contextualized data for on-demand process insights leading to large time savings.

Watch the on-demand recording now to learn more.

Watch Synthace’s talk from BPI Europe Virtual 2020, “The Automated Lab and a Fully Integrated Digital Strategy”, and learn more about:

  • The importance of lab and data automation

  • Our cloud-based software platform Synthace and how it facilitates collection, aggregation, and augmentation of data from multiple lab devices across a bioprocess workflow

  • Synthace's user-friendly environment for data visualization and on-demand analysis

Our speakers also demonstrated Synthace's capability in industry, where it was used in a collaboration with Oxford Biomedica, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, and WattBE Innovations to apply Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) to viral vector PR&D process. Watch the talk to see how Synthace:

  • Produced contextualized data for on-demand interpretation

  • Enabled scalable automated data handling and processing

  • Saved weeks of time to data insight


Adam Paton

Commercial Biologics Director

James Rutley

Ex-Synthace member