Rebounding and Transforming Productivity through Automation

Panel Discussion

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SPT Labtech          

About the event

As many scientists experience new ways of working and contend with the issues of maintaining and improving productivity in the face of shrunken timelines and disrupted supply chains, we sought to put together a virtual panel discussion to dive down into how automation can enable optimization of current lab practices whilst also transforming research to provide resilience to future disruption.

We were joined for the “Rebounding and Transforming Productivity through Automation” panel discussion by automation experts, scientists, and engineers from SPT LabtechArctoris, and Biosero who discussed:

  • Their experiences and learnings, and those of their customers, in working during the COVID-19 disruption and getting projects back on track

  • How these experiences were enabled and enhanced by automation and software tools

  • How the digitalization of lab work and outsourcing manual experimental work to remote/Cloud labs or implementing in-house automation solutions can revolutionize the way biology is done and prepare scientists for future disruptions

Recorded on Wednesday, August 5, the panel discussion was a great opportunity to hear from expert speakers, ask questions of them, and share your insights in the live Q&A session. Click below to watch on-demand.


4.30 - 5.00 PM | Panel discussion: Emilie Fritsch, Joby Jenkins, Daniel Thomas, David Dambman, Fane Mensah

5.00 - 5.15 PM Q&A session: questions and insights from the audience

(All times in BST)

Event speakers

Emilie Fritsch

Field Application Scientist at Synthace

Joby Jenkins

Director of Product Strategy at SPT Labtech

Daniel Thomas

Head of Discovery Biology at Arctoris

David Dambman

Chief Technology Officer at Biosero

Fane Mensah

Head of Computer-Aided Biology Community