Miniaturized Protein Separation Using Gradient Elution

Thu, 21 Jan, 2021

Live Demo

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Jan 21, 2021
7 PM GMT | 8 PM CEST | 2 PM EST | 11 AM PST

20' demo followed by 10' live Q&A session

Watch the demo on demand to learn how:
We used Synthace in our own lab to separate 4 different proteins from a sample using RoboColumns® and a Tecan liquid handler
Gradient buffers of varying salts and concentrations were generated using Synthace

Samples were cherry-picked and prepared for downstream analytics directly from collection plates.

Once available, purity information can be easily added to the chromatogram results to select best separation conditions


Developed in partnership with Tecan
Compatible with OPUS® RoboColumns® and other miniature columns.

Trusted by scientists and industry experts around the world

Founded in 2011 with deep expertise in bioprocess optimization, Synthace is committed to transforming how biology is done. We developed Synthace to allow biological experiments to be rapidly and flexibly automated and analyzed.

Synthace provides the flexibility required for this type of work. Instead of manually dictating every step, Synthace is able to make intelligent decisions to suggest the most efficient workflows which are easily adaptable when needed. Georgie Hermitage, PhD, Analytical Development Scientist Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult