Liquid Handling Performance Testing Made Easy

Recorded Jul 8, 2021

Technology Spotlight Webinar

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Is your lab delivering optimal liquid handling performance?

It's important to routinely test the performance of your liquid handlers - ensuring accurate and precise liquid transfers allows you to be confident in the validity of your data.

Annual maintenance checks offered by vendors are too infrequent and may result in specification drift. Monitoring your devices more regularly often requires custom scripting in vendor software, which may not be intuitive to biologists.

Synthace’s cloud platform complements the current vendor offering, flexibly digitalizing liquid handling performance assays and empowering biologists to routinely monitor their devices with ease.

Watch webinar to learn more

Watch the webinar to learn more about:

  • The importance of liquid handling performance testing
  • The current methodology available
  • How our scientists monitor liquid handling performance in our own lab on a bi-weekly cadence using Synthace's cloud platform with the Artel MVS® and IDBS ELN
  • How you can close the design, build, test, visualization loop to identify out-of-specification events more readily than ever before

You can now test your liquid handlers more frequently and insightfully with ease and stay confident in the validity of your results.

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Watch webinar to learn more
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Webinar speakers:

2019 Daniel Colour Portrait1

Daniel Yip
Biological Scientist

Daniel manages multiple lab projects at Synthace, aiming to improve lab automation and digitalize biology with our cloud platform. His projects focus on Design-Build-Test-Learn (DBTL), Design of Experiments (DOE), and mammalian upstream process development (USPD).

Daniel also leads the integration of various liquid handling platforms, while developing and optimizing accuracy and precision assays for liquid handling performance monitoring.

Prior to Synthace, Daniel was a Research Assistant at UCL, where he studied molecular biology of prion diseases. He has an MSc in Molecular Medicine from Imperial College London and a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from University of Southampton.

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Vishal Sanchania
Head of Biology

Vish leads our Lab team, a crucial node within Synthace: our scientists test the Synthace cloud platform and provide feedback for the developers, demonstrate scientific exemplifications of the platform, and help steer key product features with their scientific expertise. Vish oversees these interconnected functions, while working closely with our product managers, engineers, and salespeople.

Vish has a PhD in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology and a BSc in Biochemistry from University College London. During his PhD, Vish was developing large biomolecule sensing immunoassays using electron spin resonance (ESR) and performed some of his work at Synthace's early-stage lab with CSO and co-founder Markus Gershater.

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2020 Steve Colour Portrait1

Steven Brown
Senior Scientist

Steve is the “greedy empiricist” wanting to use automation for experiments whilst maintaining a key focus on rigour and scientific reproducibility.

Prior to joining our team, he served as a Fermentation Technician at Shell, Process Development Scientist at Cobra Biologics, and Senior Technical Officer at University of Hertfordshire.

Steve has a PhD in Molecular Biology, Fermentation and Data Science from the University of Exeter and a BSc in Applied Biology from the University of Hertfordshire and Oklahoma State University.