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How to Optimize and Improve Your Assay Development with DOE

Live Demo

Eliminate barriers to exploring your assay design space

In this live demo, our Scientific Solutions Consultant Jessica Rupp demonstrates how our platform Synthace enables sophisticated Design of Experiments (DOE) campaigns for analytical development by automating the planning, execution, and data structuring for shorter cycle times.

Key takeaways:

  • Synthace automatically parses DOE files and optimizes liquid handling steps
  • Its flexible, codeless interface allows for reuse of methods between DOE iterations
  • Our case studies demonstrate how a 3,400+ run DOE was completed in one day by using Synthace to reduce experimental planning time by 75% and data structuring time by 94%

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Reduction in experimental planning time


Saving in time spent structuring data

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Led by

Jessica Rupp

Ex-Synthace member