How to Optimize and Improve qPCR Throughput

Live Demo

Simplifying your liquid handling to optimize and improve qPCR throughput

Running qPCRs can be a labour-intensive process even with the help of automation.

In this live demo, our Scientific Development Consultant Milena Stanković-Brunner demonstrates how Synthace can automate qPCR protocols and improve their throughput, reproducibility, and robustness. The demo also highlights the great feature of transferring sample data from liquid handling devices to the thermocycler.

Key takeaways:

  • Our case studies demonstrate an 81% reduction in hands-on time per plate preparation when using Synthace
  • Synthace also enables a 50% increase in throughput
  • Overall, users achieve improved robustness of qPCR results, with lower variance and increased assay sensitivity

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Reduction in hands-on time per plate preparation


Increase in throughput

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Led by

Milena Stanković-Brunner

Scientific Solutions Consultant