Characterizing Transaminase Purification Using a Space-Fill DOE

BPI US West 2021 Conference

Watch Dr Jordan Ang’s presentation from BPI US West 2021. Aided by a fully automated and fully traceable, end-to-end workflow for miniaturized protein purification, we performed a space-fill Design of Experiments (DOE), designed in JMP, to characterize the purification of recombinant transaminase protein from E. coli cell lysate, via gradient anion exchange chromatography.

Jordan presents our methods and results from a total of 48 RoboColumns® (run over two eight-hour sessions), involving six different resin types and varying combinations of sample and buffer salt concentrations, buffer pHs, and chromatography flow rates. Measurement data was automatically structured and analysed for both yield (from A280 absorbance) and purity (using LabChip® GXII Touch™).

Click here for more information on miniaturized purification with Synthace and Tecan Te-Chrom™.

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