Automating ELISA: from Assay Design to Data Visualization – with Hamilton & BioTek

Recorded on Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

Expert Spotlight Webinar

Watch the recording of our Expert Spotlight Webinar to find out how you can better automate your ELISA workflows.

See first-hand how a top 5 pharma company is using our ELISA protocol to achieve an 81% reduction in design and analysis time
Find out how you can go from design to data analysis and visualization in end-to-end integrated ELISAs
Learn about automating your assays through a unified interface, with no programming knowledge required
Hear from expert speakers from Hamilton, BioTek, and Synthace

Empower your ELISA with Synthace

Synthace-automated ELISAs have already empowered scientists to: 

Flexibly design and modify their assays, with no programming necessary, achieving an 81% reduction in design and analysis time*
Perform end-to-end integrated ELISA workflows through a unified, codeless interface, connecting:
          ➤ Liquid handling & plate movement with Hamilton Microlab® STAR™
          ➤ Plate washing with BioTek 405 TS Washer
          ➤ Absorbance measurements with BioTek Synergy plate readers
Benefit from automatically structured, analyzed and visualized data, reducing analysis time by 98%**

* as reported by a top 5 pharma customer
** as reported by our in-house scientists

NB: the list of integrated devices is non-exhaustive

Webinar speakers


Christian Danuser

Senior Product Manager, Software, Hamilton

Christian Danuser is responsible for the software of Hamilton’s large pipetting platforms (formerly Microlab STARTM, now Microlab VANTAGETM). He joined Hamilton in 1992 and spent several years as an Application Specialist, in manufacturing, hardware development and other roles.

Christian connects customer ideas with Hamilton’s developer brains and also leads software training.


Jason Greene

Business Development Manager,
BioTek Instruments, Inc. (A part of Agilent)

Jason Greene has been employed by the company for nearly 25 years, and his current responsibilities include developing and managing business-to-business relationships with partner accounts that contribute to BioTek’s overall revenue and growth plans.

Jason earned his Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from the University of Vermont and a Master of Science in Administration from Saint Michael’s College.


Milena Stankovic-Brunner

Scientific Solutions Consultant,

As part of the Pre-Sales team, Milena identifies solutions to client-reported challenges based on the Synthace software platform. She leads Synthace's monthly live demos as well as custom one-to-one client demos.

Milena joined Synthace after receiving her PhD in Immunology from University College London, where she performed her research at the Francis Crick Institute.


Sarah James

Senior Technical Specialist,

As part of the Customer Success Team, Sarah works with clients to understand their challenges and to deliver the Synthace platform to them, providing training, support, and the best user experience.

Sarah has a PhD in Biological Sciences and joined Synthace after working on biological control development at BASF.