Automated, High-Throughput IgG Quantification with Synthace and Valita®TITER – with Valitacell

Recorded on Tuesday, Mar 9, 2021

Technology Spotlight Webinar

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Watch the webinar recording to find out how you can easily automate IgG quantification:

We combined Synthace and Valita®TITER to simply and efficiently perform an off-the-shelf, rapid IgG quantification assay with minimal automation training

55% reduction in total hands-on time - by using Synthace we reduced planning time by 61% and assay execution time by 53%

Comparable performance when transitioning from manual execution to automation - the average interplate standard deviation for fluorescence polarization readings in the standard curve was 0.84 mP for manual runs and 1.66 mP for Synthace-driven automated runs

Webinar speakers:

» Dr Hannah Byrne, Head of Biological Sciences, Valitacell Ltd. Hannah studied Analytical Science at Dublin City University and has a PhD in Biochemistry.

Valitacell is a growing biotech company developing innovative technologies to aid and improve drug discovery and development.

» Dr Alex Nash, Bioinformatics Engineer, Synthace Ltd. Alex studied Biochemistry and Synthetic Biology at Imperial College London, with the focus of his PhD being Genetic Engineering.

He works as part of the Cell Culture team at Synthace, aiming to automate and optimize processes around bioprocessing and cell line development.

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