Automated, End-to-End ELISA: Flexible Design, Robust Assays and Instant Data Visualization

Thu, Apr 22, 2021

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Watch our online demo, recorded on April 22, 2021, to hear how we are enriching our ELISA product with novel functionalities!

15 min to develop ELISA protocol applications: sandwich to competitive ELISA

In this demo, Head of Scientific Solutions, Luke Cach, demonstrates the flexibility and liquid handling planning precision of Synthace's ELISA protocol, coupled with full data structuring and visualization. 

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Explore the power of Synthace-automated ELISAs and learn how Synthace:

  • Allows you to go from design to execution within minutes
  • Enhances the flexibility of your assays - going from sandwich to competitive ELISA has never been easier
  • Enables precise liquid handling, automatically adapted to incubation timings per well, thanks to its time-dependent liquid handling feature
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Trusted by scientists and industry experts around the world

Founded in 2011 with deep expertise in bioprocess optimization, the Synthace team is committed to transforming how biology is done. We developed Synthace to allow biological experiments to be rapidly and flexibly automated and analysed.

Synthace provides the flexibility required for this type of work. Instead of manually dictating every step, Synthace is able to make intelligent decisions to suggest the most efficient workflows which are easily adaptable when needed. Georgie Hermitage, PhD, Analytical Development Scientist Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult