Synthace-Automated DOE: One Protocol, Multiple Applications

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Learn how to automate DOE in your lab to achieve...

98% time saving

in design and planning of DOE, compared to programming liquid handling software

Our users say:

"Synthace has helped us improve our business and think outside the box, and has allowed us to do many things we previously couldn’t

Watch 'Synthace-Automated DOE: One Protocol, Multiple Applications', followed by an interactive Q&A with our DOE experts

In this recorded demo, Dr Milena Stanković-Brunner demonstrates how Synthace is a game-changer for scientists wanting to optimize their processes more reliably.

Milena is then joined by Dr James Arpino and Dr Fane Mensah to answer your questions about DOE and flexible automation in the follow-up Q&A session (recorded on March 23, 2021).

Watch this demo and Q&A to:

• See how DOE can be easily implemented on automated devices
• Understand how you can flexibly apply DOE designs to different protocols
• Find out how you can easily share DOE methods across your organization
• Hear our experts answer your questions, including:

» Which DOE design files are supported by Synthace?
» How are plate reader measurements from different time points collated in Synthace?
» How can Synthace be utilized for viral vector process optimization?
» What is a space-fill DOE?
» How to choose between a liquid handler and a liquid dispenser?
» And many more!


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Led by

Milena Stanković-Brunner

Scientific Solutions Consultant

James Arpino

Principal Scientist and Bioinformatics Engineer