Accelerate Product Release with New Developments in Bioprocessing

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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About the event

The global pandemic has put pressure on all areas of the drug discovery and development pipeline. Having experienced the effects of reduced on-site access, the urgency for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to implement digital tools and platforms to support R&D has never been higher. For such laboratory digitization to be successful, a cross-organizational effort is needed, but this is not always easy to initiate and coordinate.

In this 45-minute panel discussion, automation and bioprocessing experts discuss bioprocess development and share their lessons and recommendations from various stages of their digitization journeys.

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- Where and how to begin? Does digitization have to come from the top, or can you drive organizational change from the ground up?
- What areas in bioprocess development are more suitable for quick wins and what has already been achieved?
- How can the integration of laboratory automation and data be made easier to achieve?
- How do you balance driving changes to how scientists work against pressure to deliver in a fast-paced organization?
- How do you set time and resource expectations with your stakeholders?




Dr. Sarah James
Senior Field Application Scientist

Alexandre Super 150


Dr. Alexandre Super
Data Scientist - Upstream Process Sciences
UCB Pharma

Eliot Randle 150


Dr. Eliot Randle, MBA
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Digital Lab Consulting



Adam Paton
Biologics Director

What you will learn

How other organizations have implemented their laboratory digitization strategies

What techniques you could borrow to drive change in your own organization

Which digital tools and platforms you might want to try for your own team

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