This guidebook demystifies Design of Experiments methodology, outlines its fundamentals and gives step by step instructions how to run DOE. With this guide you’ll learn: 

  • The top five reasons why scientists aren’t using DOE… yet

  • The one thing that makes the biggest difference between DOE and “one factor at a time” (OFAT)

  • The three most important factors for deciding whether or not to run a DOE in the first place

  • A tried-and-trusted six step method for planning and running a DOE

  • A detailed, practical example of how we’d go about creating a DOE design from scratch
Why should you learn more about DOE?

Multi-factorial experimentation 


Higher precision and reduced variability


Robust experimentation


Less time, materials, and number of experiments needed

Start your journey today and speed your R&D programs to quicker insight and faster drug development through application of DOE.