The Metadata Responsibility


Artificial intelligence needs metadata: reimagining how we define, capture and use metadata in biology.

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We're building the Lab of the Future.

We explore the importance of metadata to realizing the full potential of artificial intelligence within the biological sciences.

Written by engineers and scientists at Synthace

Learn about Abstraction of data and Granularity

We're building the Lab of the Future, more inside the paper

Focus on the journey and data collections

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Learn about the data journey

What the data journey is and why data generators are in a position of incredible responsibility to the wider scientific community

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Learn about datasets and collections

Why metadata determines the overall value of a dataset, and why it’s challenging for a researcher to define what metadata to collect

Complete Data & Abstraction

To build a complete model we would need complete data metadata to describe all of factors influencing the system under investigation.
The value of this complete data (raw data and associated metadata) is a product of both the metadata and raw data. Read more in our Whitepaper.

Learn how you can define, capture and use metadata in biology

  • Learn about the data journey
  • Collecting metadata
  • Perfect for researchers
  • Written by Synthace engineers and scientists