Synthace: Our immediate response to COVID-19

Our software is free for teams working to overcome the pandemic

We are offering our Antha software ‘pro-bono’ to any teams working on COVID-19 therapeutics discovery, diagnostics or production optimisation.

The software enables flexible programming and control of lab automation and our users have deployed it to accelerate the optimisation of biologics production (through Design of Experiments), to optimise and automate assays (including qPCR) and to rapidly assemble DNA constructs.

If any of this sounds remotely useful please do not hesitate to get in touch directly so we can explore how we can make it available to you.  We will also be reaching out directly to companies we know are working on COVID-19 programs to make this offer.

To contact us directly in relation to the above please email

Positivity and Patience

2020 is going to be a very challenging year. Protecting the health of our employees & their families is our top priority as we adapt to delivering great products and continue to support our customers in this new environment. As a technology business we are well set up to work remotely, but it is not something we have done before ‘en-masse’ or for a lengthy period.

As an organisation that spans both biology and software we understand the importance of breaking down silos between disciplines. Those little ‘coffee machine’ chats that often spark new ideas will be hard to replace. Even harder will be the ability for our engineering team to swivel their chair and get immediate feedback about exactly why this feature matters to the biologists in our lab.

Perhaps most importantly will be how we deal with new unprecedented levels of uncertainty and anxiety. When frustration and fear rise, we often vent to those closest to us and so as a company we are adopting the mantras of positivity and patience as we learn how best to work together as a remote organisation.

We are donating to food banks

Finally, whilst many of us are worrying about the effects on our businesses, there are many families and vulnerable people across the UK and USA who will be concerned about more basic necessities. As ‘panic buyers’ strip shelves, temporary staff are laid-off and food banks project shortages, it’s those with the least resources who stand to be hit the hardest by this crisis.

As such, we will be donating our weekly office ‘snacks’ spend (a perk at many software companies) to food bank charities in both the UK and USA in order to help them during this period.

Be kind, be brave. We are all in this together.

Tim, Markus & the Synthace Team