Quant-iT™ PicoGreen™ DNA Assays

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Key findings

  • We performed an automated PicoGreen™ assay using our cloud-based software platform Synthace
  • Synthace enabled flexible design, planning, and optimization of the assay, followed by its seamless execution on a Tecan Freedom EVO® 100 liquid handling robot
  • Synthace achieved results comparable to manual execution but with higher dilution accuracy (R²>0.999) and lower variability between technical replicates (%CVs < 1% in Synthace runs vs. > 2% in manual runs)
  • Compared to manual execution, Synthace reduced hands-on time by 45% per plate (55min to 30min)
PicoGreen Time Savings

Discover how Synthace-driven PicoGreen™ assays achieve:


Higher dilution accuracy


Lower variability between technical replicates


Shorter hands-on time