Rapid Design of Experiments for Media Optimization

In partnership with Formulatrix

We have integrated Synthace for Design of Experiments (DOE) on Formulatrix's MANTIS® liquid dispenser, which offers:
✓ A wide dispensing range from 100nL to continuous flow
✓ Deepwell plate support for higher volume experiments
✓ A small footprint for easy use in biosafety cabinets

Move away from relying on custom spreadsheets

More flexibility

Adapting spreadsheets for DOE designs with different run numbers is tedious and error-prone

Synthace allows you to simply upload your design files to generate and preview the necessary liquid handling instructions

More reliability

Changes to spreadsheet formulae and values are difficult to track and errors are hard to find

Synthace eliminates the need for any manual spreadsheet manipulation and provides detailed records of all experiments

More speed

Planning in spreadsheets can take hours to ensure all values have been inputted correctly

Synthace reduces planning time down to minutes and allows new operators to be easily onboarded

Product tour: Using Synthace to translate a DOE design file to a FORMULATRIX® MANTIS® instruction file

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Spotlight case study

Optimization of media composition and process factors in just 3 weeks, resulting in a 5-fold increase in protein production

Webinar on-demand

Learn how you can perform multifactorial optimization in an iterative manner using Design of Experiments (DOE)