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    SPT Labtech + Synthace

    87% time savings with
    the dragonfly discovery.

    Click-to-run automation, coded for you as you work. Simulate your workflows, automate your dragonfly instantly, and get structured results with data and metadata.

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    Proven efficiency:

    • 94% time savings with automated data structuring
    • 75% time savings in execution planning
    • 99.9% savings in tip usage compared to an average pipetting robot
    Case Study

    Space-fill DOE for assay development

    SPT Labtech and Synthace have joined forces to push the boundaries in physical execution of sophisticated Design of Experiment (DOE) campaigns.

    Combining the speed and accuracy of the dragonfly® discovery dispenser with the flexible planning and data aggregation capabilities of Synthace, we were able to characterize a spectrophotometric enzymatic assay using a space-filling DOE, totalling 3,456 runs for two sets of triplicates of 384 runs and the corresponding controls.

    This automation partnership provided up to a 87% time saving for the entire process compared with using a pipetting robot or without using Synthace.

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    Save 6 months in drug discovery R&D.

    Run experiments in half the time.

    Drug discovery groups have saved 6 months of assay development and transfer time using Synthace DOE with their SPT Labtech devices with an overall 50% reduction in time to insights.

    These time savings are observed through:

    • Faster identification of significant and insignificant system variables
    • Faster identification of assay or CPP windows
    • Fewer experiments conducted to reach the
      same (or more robust) conclusions
    • Faster design and planning of experiments

    Accessible Design of Experiments

    Synthace enables more scientists to use DOE by lowering the barrier to entry in the design of DOE, determining which studies will provide the right insight, and handling the logistics of planning and carrying out DOE (including calculations, metadata tracking, material preparation, device instructions, and data structuring and analysis).

    SPT Labtech and Synthace saved 4-6 months in tedious, manual work. Identification of system optimization reduced costly reagent expenditure by 50% and fewer experiments translate to reduced material costs including labware and consumables.

    Why synthace?

    Streamline your automation

    Anyone can run their workflows on your dragonfly discovery in the lab with Synthace's digital experiment designs.


    DOE expertise at your fingertips

    Synthace includes dedicated customer support and consultation services to ensure you’re running your experiments as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    Services include DOE best practices, change management, and help with adoption across your lab.

    Supported Experiment Types

    • Biochemical assay
    • Enzymatic assay
    • Cell based assay
    • Formulation development
    • Media development
    • Sample/library prep