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    Tecan & Synthace

    Accessible automation for
    every scientist.

    Accelerate your experimentation with click-to-run workflow automation for Tecan devices and peripherals, even without prior experience.


    The best of Tecan
    with every workflow

    Remove the barriers to automating experiments - every element of a Synthace workflow design has automation instructions under the hood so you can run it quickly and accurately. 

    Just pick your execution device and press ‘Run’.

    Why synthace?

    Streamline your automation

    Anyone can run their workflows on any Tecan device in the lab with Synthace's digital experiment designs.

    Tecan & Synthace

    How it works

    What's supported?

    Ready for your lab

    Synthace supports a broad variety of devices and configurations across Tecan devices so you can run the experiment you want, every time.