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    FORMULATRIX + Synthace

    Making impossibly complex
    experiments, possible.

    Combining Synthace with the MANTIS and TEMPEST dramatically reduces the time-to-insight in your R&D while cutting spend on consumables and kit.

    🆕 Synthace now integrates with the FORMULATRIX TEMPEST!

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    The FORMULATRIX TEMPEST for drug discovery

    A complex DOE made simple.

    • 5x improvement in yield
    • 74% time savings
    • Complex multifactorial experimentation made possible
    Simplified DOE with the MANTIS + Synthace

    Automated multifactorial media optimization.

    Synthace’s scientists demonstrated a 5-fold increase in eGFP signal in a complex DOE with Synthace and the MANTIS®  dispenser.

    In spite of the theoretical complexity of this DOE’s design and execution, this positive result was achieved in just 3 DOE iterations, over a  period of 3 weeks.

    Compared  to alternative approaches, such as using Synthace with another pipetting robot, or using the  MANTIS® liquid dispenser without Synthace, combining Synthace with the MANTIS® to plan, execute, and aggregate data for 3 DOE iterations afforded a time saving  of 74%, or over 120 hours.

    How to automate your FORMULATRIX MANTIS.

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    How to automate your FORMULATRIX TEMPEST.

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    About Formulatrix

    Enabling scientific discovery with laboratory automation solutions.

    FORMULATRIX® supplies innovative software and robotic automation solutions to the life science industry including the leading pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions around the world.

    FORMLUATRIX® collaborates with researchers to simplify scientific workflows, such as sample preparation and analysis, by designing solutions without boundaries and bringing novel cutting-edge technology into the laboratory.

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    Why synthace?

    Streamline your automation

    Anyone can run their workflows on your FORMULATRIX devices with Synthace's digital experiment designs.


    DOE expertise at your fingertips

    Synthace includes dedicated customer support and consultation services to ensure you’re running your experiments as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    Services include DOE best practices, change management, and help with adoption across your lab.

    Supported Experiment Types

    • Biochemical assay
    • Enzymatic assay
    • Cell based assay
    • Formulation development
    • Media development
    • Sample/library prep