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Our Partners

Our collaboration with Synthace, a leader in computer‑aided biology, will further contribute to Tecan’s already broad and growing digital offering across many application areas. Dr Rémi Magnan Associate Director Cellomics & Proteomics at Tecan

How are our partners
working with us?

Tecan Te Chrom automated chromatography system
Tecan Te‑Chrom™ + Repligen RoboColumns®

End-to-end workflows for miniaturized purification

A best-in-class collaboration to enable flexible, traceable, and integrated workflows for miniature chromatography columns

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Valitacell Valita®TITER

Automated, high-throughput IgG quantification


reduction in total hands on time


performance to manual assays

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Hamilton Microlab® STAR + BioTek

Flexible ELISA, automated from planning to analysis


reduction in design and analysis time


data alignment and visualization

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SPT Labtech dragonfly discovery dispensing
SPT Labtech dragonfly® discovery

Next-generation assay optimization


faster for DOE planning than custom spreadsheets


faster for DOE execution and data aggregation

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High-efficiency bioprocess optimization


increase in protein production in 3 weeks


faster for planning, execution and data structuring

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Poster: dragonfly discovery DoE 2020 results

Accelerating bioprocess development with automated Design of Experiments

Dr Michael (Sid) Sadowski's webinar covers six case studies of how Synthace improved outcomes in bioprocess development by automating Design of Experiments using Synthace and the JMP® statistical software

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Polar HTPD + Synthace

Harness the full potential of data at high throughput

Polar HTPD helps bioprocess development teams adopt faster throughput approaches and significantly shorten timelines by supporting better decision making with more reliable data sets, rich data analysis, and modern enterprise data management

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