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Online Demos & Webinars

See Synthace in action – check out our 30-min online demos and in-depth webinars with our customers and partners, and learn from industry experts in our panel discussions and conference talks

DOE Masterclass for Biology

Design of Experiments (DOE) is a systematic method of investigating the relationship between multiple factors and their impact on the process simultaneously. It is the key to understanding the ever-increasing complexity of biological experiments, and has the potential to transform biological research. This free masterclass strips away the complexity of performing DOE to provide the framework you need to apply this powerful experimental method to the biological systems you work with.

30-Minute Online Demos

See Synthace in action – browse our interactive 30-min online demos to see first-hand how Synthace enables flexible, automated end-to-end experiments, from design to data analysis, for a range of applications. Every demo is followed by a Q&A session where our experts answer questions from the audience. Want to attend a demo live and pose your questions directly to our team? Sign up for our mailing list below and get notified about the next upcoming demo!

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We are joined by experts from Microsoft Research, SPT Labtech, Oxford Biomedica, and more to discuss cutting-edge techniques in bioprocessing and beyond. Browse our customer and partner webinars to learn more about the current best practices in life sciences R&D and see how industry leaders are leveraging Synthace to achieve remarkable scientific insights in reduced time frames. Want to attend a webinar live and discuss your topic of interest directly with our expert speakers? Sign up for our mailing list below and get notified about the next upcoming webinar!

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Panels & Conferences

Listen to thought-provoking discussions around the recent advancements and challenges in bioprocessing and gain insights into the latest industry trends that will help you transform your R&D and grow your business. Browse our list of expert panel discussions and check out our talks given at conferences like BioProcess International and Well Characterised Biologics. Want to speak to us at the next conference? Get in touch with our consultant Jack below!

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