The Metadata Responsibility Webinar
and Discussion

Recorded on August 25, 2020.

About the event

The digital future of biological research and development must be built on a foundation of well contextualized data.

The integration of technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT), is beginning to enable researchers to address ever-more complex biological questions across a rapidly expanding bioeconomy. However, using these tools successfully requires us to fundamentally rethink how we generate and work with biological data.

To spark more ideas and discussion, we have put together a panel discussion with speakers from Alan Turing Institute and Phenomic AI to dive down into challenges and new ways of working around data in 21st century biological research. The speakers had a chance to:

  • Explore new concepts such as 'the data journey'
  • Address the central role of metadata in digitally powered R&D
  • Discuss the challenges of using laboratory data with techniques such as Deep Learning
Recorded on August 25, 2020, the panel discussion was a great opportunity for the audience to learn more from expert speakers, ask questions of them, and share their insights in the live Q&A session. Click below to watch the on-demand recording.
[N.B.: the Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud platform was called Antha until August 2021]

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Event speakers

Markus Gershater
Markus Gershater

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

Peter Crane

Ex-Synthace member

Sam Cooper

CEO at Phenomic AI

Sabina Leonelli

Professor in Philosophy and History of Science