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    A Biologist’s Guide
    To Design of Experiments
    Available For Download


    Biology is all about interactions.

    As biologists, every system we work with has this complexity. How we approach the study of this complexity is hugely important but, when studying biology, we often use methods that cannot see the interactions so fundamental to it. Even with the best will in the world and our most diligent application, we have no chance of finding these interconnections at the heart of living systems.


    Design of Experiments (DOE) is the future. It is the key to unlocking the answers hidden in complex biological systems and broadens the possibilities of what science we can do.

    This guidebook demystifies Design of Experiments methodology, outlines its fundamentals and gives step by step instructions how to run DOE. With this guide you’ll learn:

    • The top five reasons why scientists aren’t using DOE… yet
    • The one thing that makes the biggest difference between DOE and “one factor at a time” (OFAT)
    • The three most important factors for deciding whether or not to run a DOE in the first place
    • A tried-and-trusted six step method for planning and running a DOE
    • A detailed, practical example of how we’d go about creating a DOE design from scratch

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