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People of Synthace: Moiz Ebrahimjee – Cell and Gene Therapy Business Development Manager

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Moiz joined Synthace in June 2019 as Business Development Manager, bringing his 12 year expertise from Cytiva, Sartorius, and Lonza to our Commercial team.

Synthace is working on something revolutionary, and it is really exciting that we are at the forefront of technology and science, in particular automation. Our platform could change the way we do biology.” Moiz Ebrahimjee Cell and Gene Therapy Business Development Manager

What is your role at Synthace?

I work in the Commercial team, helping our potential clients understand more about what we’re doing. I show them how the Synthace platform can help fast-track their R&D, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively, helping them on their journey to develop a robust and quality product to cure patients.

Where were you before joining Synthace?

I was previously at GE Healthcare (now Cytiva). I started working there as a Cell Therapy Sales Specialist, and as I progressed over the four years, the department more than doubled. My role became split between territory sales and enterprise sales representative for cell therapy in Europe and part of the Middle East.

Prior to GE I was a Bioprocess Sales Specialist at Sartorius, dealing pharma and biotech. I was there for over four years as well, covering the Midlands region.

Before that I worked at Lonza for four years in Analytical Development after finishing my degree in medical biochemistry.

Why did you want to join Synthace?

Synthace is working on something revolutionary, and it is really exciting that we are at the forefront of technology and science, in particular automation. Our platform could change the way we do biology.

In the early stages of interviews, I could see that people here were really welcoming and stood out in terms of talent/knowledge. I met with various members of the team, including the C-suite.

With Synthace being a smaller company, I thought I could learn a lot, play a bigger part in the journey and I wanted to help it become incredibly successful. I enjoy how dynamic and agile our environment is. We focus on getting things done.

Think about the expectations you had before you joined. Is life and work at Synthace in line with how you thought it would be?

Yes, I had chats with Mark Watson, our Chief Commercial Officer, before I joined. My wife and I were just expecting our second child so I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what would be involved and what sort of work-life balance there would be in terms of travel, office hours, etc. Everything has turned out just fine.

I’ve been able to use my initiative much more as part of a true Commercial team, not just as a ‘sales specialist’. I’ve been involved in creating go-to-market plans and learning much more about business as a whole.

Were there any concerns you had before joining that were either realized or that turned out to be unwarranted?

My main concern was around the bandwidth, with a second child on the way at the time. Synthace’s flexible working approach has allowed me to get my work done while understanding when I need time for family stuff.

Do you think that there are clear career progression opportunities? Do you agree that it's possible to move around within the company?

Yes, there are definitely opportunities, and as we grow, more of these will be created. We’re still relatively small, and the paths aren’t always known/clear at the moment.

Would you say you can clearly see how your work has an impact?

Yes, definitely. Being part of the Commercial team, we can see client challenges and how we have helped. Also, we can see the work being done internally on a client project and therefore how both Synthace and our clients are benefiting each other. It is great to see the impact on both sides.

Do you feel supported, valued and heard - both in your day to day role, and also in general as part of the wider company?

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to discuss ideas. I have a weekly one-to-one with my line manager and there are other channels too, such as various meetings, specialized groups on Slack (the app we use for internal communication), etc.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Being part of the Life Sciences industry we are all striving to help cure patients, and ultimately, playing a small part in that is very rewarding. At Synthace I am able to see our platform playing a key role in helping develop life changing therapies and this is the best part of my job.

What do you enjoy most about life at Synthace (outside of your actual job)?

The people: everyone is so friendly, thoughtful and always willing to help or even just have a chat.

Which activities/events have you enjoyed or found useful (including the virtual versions)?

There are regular events which are really a highlight at Synthace. I’ve enjoyed the 101 sessions where people host a ‘seminar’ about a specialized subject for them, for example, biology, computer programming, thermodynamics.

Before the pandemic, I also enjoyed the regular social activities such as monthly breakfasts, go karting and other events.

What are you most proud of when thinking about Synthace as a company and/or group of colleagues?

Explaining to people our mission as a company. I am particularly proud of our values, for example, offering our software platform to COVID-19 vaccine developers at no charge at the start of the pandemic.

In terms of functionality there’s nobody really doing what we’re doing; it’s a groundbreaking technology.

Do you agree that you're encouraged and able to be your true authentic self at all times?

I agree 100% with this; there’s no pressure for me to try to be anyone else, or to behave or dress in a certain way - I can just be myself.

What would you say to anyone considering joining Synthace and how likely are you to recommend it?

10/10. It’s a great place to work!

What advice would you give to someone if they were looking to apply to your team? What traits and/or skills are important?

You need to be very driven and able to use your own initiative. You should be able to pick a task apart and work out the best way to get it done.

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