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Digitalize your process development, centralize your data and produce publication-ready insights within our Live Sciences R&D Cloud 

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94% reduction in resource demand from raw data to insight

83% decrease in time spent uploading data from disparate sources

Minimize manual data integrity checks with complete data traceability

Realtime data sharing in the cloud using a single platform to improve collaboration

Transforming your end-to-end workflow

Many process development scientists face the challenge of unifying experimental data from disparate instruments into a single dataset that can easily be analyzed and visualized - an arduous process that can take many days of data processing and alignment.

The complexity of this challenge means that at any stage of experimentation, errors can be discovered even after decisions have been made leading to revaluation and reanalysis that could have been avoided – critical time that process development scientists don’t have.

Address critical experimental bottlenecks in bioprocessing

Within the Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud, our bioprocessing module gives scientists unparalleled access to data from multiple sources and allows you to extrapolate contextually sound, and tailor made data visualizations rapidly.

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Achieve accelerated bioprocessing development

Publication-ready data visualizations

In minutes, not days for rapid, near-live insight and reporting of offline analytics data overlaid onto online bioreactor data

An extendable platform

To digitalize and connect all of process development

Unified data sets

From bioreactors and analytics that you can slice across multiple dimensions

Housed in a unique platform

That is designed to digitalize and execute experiments across life sciences R&D

Enable hassle-free sample tracking

Across all offline analytics and downstream experiments (such as purification, ELISA and qPCR)

Bring experiments across process development

Into a single platform for your entire team to share and iterate on

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